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November 15, 2017

College of William & Mary Fall Engagement

I had an absolute BLAST with Will and Mia during their College of William & Mary fall engagement session this past Sunday!! Boy, that campus sure is a beauty to shoot at! Sooooo many options for photo ops! And it definitely helps when your couple is super sweet and down to earth! I promised Will there wouldn’t be TOO many kissing photos since that’s not really his cup of tea. And that’s TOTALLY fine! So instead they got to change it up and do more things like play like kids in the fall leaves!!! (But of course I had to throw in some kissing ones because ya know it is your engagement session!) But I’m obsessed with how cute they turned out! I mean cause who doesn’t like the excuse to throw some leaves at your fianc√© for fun? HAHA!

Enjoy these beauties! <3

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