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October 7, 2017

The Frick Wedding in Corolla Beach, NC

When Will and Michelle said their wedding would be in Corolla Beach, NC I immediately got excited! I love the OBX area even though I’ve only been a few times, which is crazy I know!! This day was definitely over due for these two lovebirds. It was a smaller more intimate wedding with all of their family and close friends. That’s all they needed. I just want to mention that they also have the cutest little boy, Weston, who made their special day that much more special! 🙂 He’s also featured in their sweet engagement session at Longwood Gardens last year!!

Their wedding was at a beach house called The Dream (how fitting!) on Carova Beach and only 4WD accessible! Thank goodness my car has all-wheel drive or I wouldn’t have made it! Let me tell you how FUN that was getting there….let’s just say I was a bit nervous. But we did it!! The day of their wedding was so relaxing  and we couldn’t have asked for better weather! I mean you never know with beach weddings! Oh and those SAND DUNES! Yes. They are epic. But want to know a secret? It’s just one huge hill (Penny’s Hill to be exact) and we technically weren’t allowed on it because its historic!! We were rebels and it was SO worth it.

Will and Michelle: I want to thank you both again for being so generous and kind throughout the whole process and it was an honor to be there to capture this JOYOUS moment! Y’all are the best! Enjoy these sneak peeks!

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