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April 23, 2016

Tyler + Katie Engagement

Oh. My. Goodness. Ya’ll! This engagement session with Tyler and Katie was a dream!! I can’t believe how PERFECT the evening was with the weather and the locations as well! We started out at Chickies Rock Park, then headed to Marietta and then went back to Chickies Rock Park for sunset photos, which turned out so amazing!!! I loved how adventurous they were…from climbing rocks to getting into freezing cold water. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter couple either. These two are so adorable together and I seriously can’t WAIT to shoot their wedding next May in NJ! <3 Love you both! 2016-04-15Tyler+Katie2016-04-15Tyler+Katie12016-04-15Tyler+Katie22016-04-15Tyler+Katie3-22016-04-15Tyler+Katie4-22016-04-15Tyler+Katie5-22016-04-15Tyler+Katie6-22016-04-15Tyler+Katie7-22016-04-15Tyler+Katie8-22016-04-15Tyler+Katie9-22016-04-15Tyler+Katie10-22016-04-15Tyler+Katie11-22016-04-15Tyler+Katie12-22016-04-15Tyler+Katie142016-04-15Tyler+Katie152016-04-15Tyler+Katie162016-04-15Tyler+Katie172016-04-15Tyler+Katie182016-04-15Tyler+Katie192016-04-15Tyler+Katie202016-04-15Tyler+Katie212016-04-15Tyler+Katie222016-04-15Tyler+Katie232016-04-15Tyler+Katie242016-04-15Tyler+Katie252016-04-15Tyler+Katie262016-04-15Tyler+Katie272016-04-15Tyler+Katie282016-04-15Tyler+Katie312016-04-15Tyler+Katie322016-04-15Tyler+Katie332016-04-15Tyler+Katie34

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