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December 19, 2018

Intimate Historic Polegreen Church, VA Wedding

I was told before this intimate Historic Polegreen Church wedding that the ceremony will be outside RAIN or SHINE!! It was like music to my photographer ears! That was then that I knew this wedding day was going to be special and one for the books.

So it had been raining ALL day prior to the ceremony. Like I’m talking downpour rain. But did that stop Dana and Jacob from enjoying their wedding day….NOT ONE BIT! I brought all of my clear umbrellas for them (and myself) to use, the coordinator had white tents set up for the guests and we made it work!!! And guess what?? As soon as Dana gets up to Jacob, grabs his hand and the pastor begins speaking…the rain literally STOPS. It was like magic. I swear it was a God moment. He gave them 10 minutes of dryness as their wedding gift. Because right when they finished walking back down the aisle as husband and wife and we began family portraits, it literally started pouring again!. Y’all I can’t make this up. It was so crazy haha! 

And then we had some FUN! The guests/family left for dinner while Dana, Jacob and I went frolicking around in the rain. We got drenched (my camera was covered don’t worry!), they had a blast and it was amazing. They were my kind of people. Anyone who can dance and run around in the rain is MY kind of people. 

Side note: this is the venue that Jason Mraz got married. So of course I had them dance to his songs during the portrait time! <3