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March 14, 2018

Norfolk, Virginia In-Home Couples Session

*WARNING* There are lots of lovey dovey cuteness like the image below being displayed on this blog post!

Norfolk In-Home Session

And if you are like me and LOVE that kind of stuff, then continue on friend!

Oh my goodness this in-home couples session with Nathan and Teallia gives me all the feels…and hopefully you too! While living in the Hampton Roads area as a photographer you are bound to work with a ton of military families/couples! It’s just not uncommon because of all the military bases here! When we moved here I had hoped I got the opportunity because it was all so new to me (since we are not military).  Luckily, I have had the pleasure of working with such GREAT people who experience what it’s like to REALLY miss their loved one(s) because they can be gone from anywhere from a few months to a few years. That can be rough especially when children are involved. Nathan and Teallia have a 4 year old daughter, Alliet, who is so stinking adorable it’s unreal. She just LOVES her mom and dad to pieces.

(Just prepare yourself now for all the cuteness!)

Nathan had been gone for 7 months this time around, so naturally Tea wanted an in-home couples session as soon as he returned! Tea is actually another amazing photographer here and that made this session a breeze. I could have photographed them for hours and hours! And yes, I think I really was at their house for hours and hours HAH! They just my job super EASY the whole time! Serious couple goals friends. It’s rare when the guy is saying “Let’s do this!” or “OK, now let’s look straight on” or “What is that one pose that every does on Instagram?” 🙂 It was great!! And you could just tell that he loved Tea SO much and would do anything for her. That just speaks for itself in this photos that you are about to see!!

After you done reading and looking at these and are wanting an in-home session, PLEASE feel free to reach out. They are my favorite. OK, thanks. Enjoy! Bye.

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